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Does a Carnivore Diet Increase Testosterone?

A supposedly healthy diet and lifestyle have led us to a catastrophe across the world with Testosterone issues and the related issues with ED and TRT therapy, what if you could fix it by diet alone?
Josh Koop
March 17, 2020

One thing people frequently will ask is whether the carnivore diet can help them to increase their testosterone levels. For many people cutting back on carbohydrates while including more animal foods will help fix many issues related to poor blood circulation and many who test before and after a month do show large improvements.

Does a carnivore diet increase testosterone? There are NIH studies which show that saturated fat intake correlates with increased testosterone levels, this is something that carnivore diets have a good high-quality intake of which will help them increase the testosterone levels.

Now that you understand the levels can be increased by someone on a carnivore diet, lets look at how you accelerate the processes. Each of the natural ways below are helped tremendously by following a carnivore diet as it naturally aligns with most of these methods.

Afterwards we will take a look into TRT on a carnivore diet and ED and the ways that a carnivore diet can help people with these issues and sometimes help to eliminate or remove the medications many take constantly.

Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone on Carnivore Diet

There are a great many methods which switching to a carnivorous diet helps to improve overall levels of testosterone in your body. These diet changes and then a focus on high intensity exercises can help push the body to make more testosterone than you used to.

Diagnosis Low testosterone and pen on a desk - Does a Carnivore Diet Increase Testosterone
Diagnosis Low testosterone and pen on a desk

Eat Enough High-Quality Fats

When you are looking to consume healthy and natural fats (Study) you can look to grass-fed beef, the fat contains the chemicals and this is why grass-fed beef is important to eat if you are not cutting off most the fat from your beef.

Additionally, what you can do is add fish to meals more frequently which will help add in some healthy quality fats to your diet. Many fresh caught fish will be the better choice against farmed as farming within fish has similar issues to beef due to the farming process.

Reduce the Amount of Sugars You Eat

This way comes pretty naturally to a carnivore diet follower as you avoid basically most foods that would contain any sugars, the only things in a carnivorous diet to manage are processed meats and dairy products which can have a higher amount of sugars than people acknowledge.

Decrease Stress

The stress hormone is called cortisol and has been shown to inhibit testosterone levels when the cortisol level is high (study). We now live in a time where everyone seems to be under some level of stress which may be a large cause of the issues which have led to crazy levels of low testosterone in the world.

Workout With HIIT Exercise and Sprints

It is beneficial to use high intensity interval training (HIIT) as it has been shown (study 1, study 2) to help increase overall testosterone levels. Steady state activities have not been shown to provide similar benefits to levels of testosterone in the body.

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Boron

Each of the above mentioned minerals and vitamins can play a large role in your body chemistry and how it can create testosterone. If you add each of these to your daily life you may have additional support in creating more testosterone!

Zinc - A zinc deficiency can lead you to low testosterone levels. It is believed that the mineral may affect the cells in the testes that produce testosterone.

This study found that men who took 30 mg of zinc each day showed larger levels of free testosterone in their bodies. My choice from Amazon

Magnesium - Magnesium is an essential ion involved in multiple fundamental physiologic functions in humans (NIH study) My choice from Amazon

Vitamin D - Vitamin D shortages or deficiencies have been shown to cause loss of testosterone in males (NIH Study), my choice from Amazon.

Boron - It has been shown that taking 6 mg of boron for just a week has the following benefits: increases the metabolism of the total testosterone in your body to free testosterone , which is used for many sex-related functions. (study 1, study 2) My choice from Amazon

Intermittent Fasting

Many people plan out there intermittent fasting but on a carnivore diet many people report that they may feast and then fast without thought for a day until they feel the need to feast again. This is more than likely due to having enough nutrients consumed that the body just doesn't fire the "I need to eat" processes that drives so many people to overeat.

Most will not want to fast longer than 16 hours out of the day (study), especially as you have less body fat the longer the fast the more issues you may have due to a lack of body fat availability.

Losing Body Fat Weight

This one may seem obvious but losing body fat will provide less mass which helps the body perform the other functions required for health. The endocrine society published an article about losses in body fat leading to an increase in the levels of testosterone for males with lower levels than normal, the males starting as overweight and pre-diabetic.

Learn To Sleep

This one can be difficult for many people as they have grown used to their electronic screens and getting less than optimal sleep. You really should start putting devices away no later than 8-9pm so that you can get to sleep by 10pm and attempt to sleep until at least 6am to get 8 hours.

You only make testosterone while in deep sleep, if you are having issues reaching deep sleep you will more than likely be experiencing issues related to lower testosterone than you should. The only way to resolve this though is to get better and more functional sleep like I have listed above, note if your schedule differs then adjust as needed.

Carnivore Diet and Erectile Dysfunction

While there is no official studies on ED and a carnivore diet there is a large volume of personal stories of the change in diet leading to a resurgence in functionality without the need for medications. This study by the NIH on ED though does mention that it is believed that low constant inflammation may be a cause of the dysfunction which a carnivore diet removes through elimination of carbohydrate and fruits.(Google Scholar)

Final Thoughts

A healthy carnivorous diet can help with many issues related to your testosterone levels, especially in males but this can and is an issue for females also, just less spoken by the public. Managing the key things above can help you normalize your levels and repair whatever is an issue if not a physical defect.

As to TRT and ED removing your need to take medications or limiting the medication you need will drop the overall costs you pay for medicine. Sometimes this can be fully resolved by diet and following the simple steps above to get better quality testosterone growth.

If you read this far you are amazing! I would love to hear from you in the comments below if I helped you gain knowledge and useful information, additionally I would like to know if I got anything incorrect that you believe should be researched more and updated. As always to get the word out please join our new Carnivore Rx group on Facebook and share this out on social media!

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