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Carnivore Recommendations

These items I purchased and have found very useful and I wanted to provide that information to you in a helpful and supportive manner. 
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Best Reading Options For Expanded Diet Education

These are my carnivore recommendations books that have been proven to be full of very useful information which can help you learn how to more effectively understand why the Carnivore Diet can help you and how things went wrong within the medical community.

Best Electrolyte Options

One thing you need to add back into your day is to increase your intake of electrolytes, this helps to get through the issues likes cramps, and the symptoms like (keto flu) that occur when you flush out the excess water on starting the carnivore diet.

Best Steak Knives

The difference between a cheap garbage Walmart steak knife set and a real high-quality, long lasting knife set is day and night. A high quality steak knife is able to cut through a steak like warm butter, without the constant sawing needed in many lower end blades.

Miyabi Birchwood

Enso HD

Wüsthof Classic

Best Cooking Options

Choosing your cooking gear is very important to making your life as a carnivore easier and to allow less time sitting in front of the kitchen cooking. I have my favorite cooking equipment listed below, feel free to check them out.

Ninja Air Fryer

Instant Pot Duo


Electric Meat Grinder

Cast Iron Skillet

Bamboo Cutting Board

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