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Cinder Grill Review: Mouthwatering Steaks

Do you want mouthwatering steaks similar and on par with high end steak houses? Have you been let down by your own grill and cooking?
Cinder is the world's first sous-vide grill. Created to make perfect food, this countertop grill can never overcook your food.
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Is The Cinder Grill Worth The Investment?

As a carnivore, your ability to create incredibly tasty steaks will be enhanced with this grill. The ability to create a Sous Vide steak in under 10 minutes as opposed to 2 hours is something you need to taste to believe!
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Lets get straight to the point, I do love my steaks and I love them to be cooked perfectly. This is something that I have never been exceptional at and I would eat my chewy steaks that were far too cooked so I wouldn't waste them.
This is where the Cinder Grill shines as it is a self managed system that is able to be set to the result you want via your phone, then in 8 minutes you have a perfectly prepared steak!

Here’s a complete detail of what we’ll provide in this Cinder Grill review:

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  3. Then, we’ll tell you a bit about the Oculus company
  4. And finally, we’ll provide a sampling of the reviews, from actual customers and Independent sites, to give you better insight into the product.
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Features and Benefits of the Cinder Grill

Precisely cooks food to temperature
Heats up quickly compared with immersion circulators
Grills and sears up to 450 degrees
The Cinder looks like a restaurant-grade press
Cinder has two cook modes: Sous-Vide like lower temp and grill with higher temp

Special Features (Pros) of the Cinder Grill

One Tap Perfect Cooking

Cinder is the indoor grill with 1 degree precision and notify you when ready!


cooks your food to perfection without a temperature probe, magic!

Impossible to Overcook

Next-gen thermal control cooks food to the exact melt-in-your-mouth temperature!

Drawbacks (Cons) of the Cinder Grill

Weight Of Lid - The lid can be too heavy for things like hamburgers and squish out the juices you want to keep contained within the meat.
Missing Food Safety Documentation Inclusion - If you aren't familiar you want to make sure that if you cook at a very low temp you get it completely cooked to safe amounts via pasteurization.

Video: Cinder Grill

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About the Cinder Company

Cinder is the world's first sous-vide grill. Created to make perfect food, this counter top grill can never overcook your food. Set your desired food temperature through the knob or app (e.g. 135F for medium rare steak), put your food on the grill grates and walk away.

Compare to Other Cook Systems

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Cinder Grill Reviews

Looking at the features and benefits of any product is great, but taking a look at what real customers have to say about a product offers a much different view sometimes. Below we’ve curated reviews that reflect the overall public perception of the Cinder Grill, providing feedback from product users and reviewers on independent review sites as well as on Amazon.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for the Cinder Grill

Tech Hive

So the Cinder operates on the same principle as a sous-vide device: It brings food to a precise temperature and keeps it at that temperature for as long as you want. You could leave the food on the griddle for hours without overcooking it.


This countertop grill impressively cooks and sears meat and vegetables, but the design needs some refinement.
Check Out The Cinder Grill

What Customers Have to Say About the Cinder Grill

Anne-Marie, Dover

When I come home from work I’m exhausted. I used to just buying prepared food, but I make a meal with Cinder now then actually spend time with my family while it’s cooking. We were playing Monopoly one day and I accidentally forgot to take some salmon out… for almost an hour or so. It still came out perfect.

Chris, Medford

My wife’s dad is a chef. A couple years back I bought a sous vide precision cooker to impress him with filet mignon. I didn’t realize you had to take the meat out and sear it after it was done cooking. The meat came out a grey color and so I stopped cooking for a while after that. Didn’t have the motivation to make a smoky mess of my kitchen. A few months ago I saw a Cinder at the Target Open House and knew this was exactly what I was looking for the first time I bought a sous-vide device. I’ve been cooking delicious scallops and zucchini and am excited to impress my father-in-law this weekend.

Riz, New Jersey

I’m a professional body builder and spend quite a bit of time in the gym or doing personal training on the side. I used to put chicken breasts and steak into the oven in bulk, and they would come out dry and overdone. A friend loaned me his Cinder and it’s just brilliant. I throw the frozen breasts onto Cinder just like I did before, but now it tastes incredible and juicy. Never thought my barbaric cooking could taste so freaking good.


Wow. Best ribeye I’ve ever had. I. set the temp at 133 deg and left for my son’s football game. The machine estimated a 90 minute cook time. I got stuck at the game and returned 2 hrs later. It held it at medium rare! I hit the sear button and got a sizzling, caramelized top and bottom in 45 seconds. Impressive

Peter D.

Ordered my Cinder Grill Friday had it delivered by Wednesday (US-Canada!) Cooked a rib eye to perfection. I heard about the Cinder Grill on Dr Shawn Bakers site then saw the Micheala Peterson you tube video that sold me. It was everything the reviews said it was. Easy to operate. It cooks the steak to perfection on its own. No fiddling - no splattRead more about review stating Ordered my Cinder Grill Fridayering - no smoking - no over cooking. Easy clean up! I was so eager to to try the steak that I completely forgot about my side of veg! Just sliced that steak and marvelled at the even cooking and the didn’t wait to put it on a plate. Tonight it’s liver and bacon!

Final Thoughts

When you are a focused carnivorous eater you will spend lots of time cooking your meats and being able to set and forget to me is priceless as I just can't cook, like at all.
Instead of burning and eating a messed up wasted steak, cause I am not going to waste it, I can enjoy perfectly cooked meat for every meal without more than a minute to set up!

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