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I'm always looking to find the next quality resource to get nice, delicious meats. When I find those options I will list them here for you to check out also!
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ButcherBox provides you with high-quality meats sent directly to your home. I have used them now over two years and will never stop as it tastes so much better than store bought meats.
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Butcher Box Steak cooked on a cutting board

Crowd Cow

They feature 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pastured grain-finished beef, A5 Wagyu from Japan and more, always from the very best independent "Craft Beef" producers.
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Farm Foods

Browse through their site and the different farms to see what meat you would like to purchase. You can read about each farm and their practices to ensure that they align with what you feel is important.
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The #1 place for newbies and beginners to learn about a carnivore diet and lifestyle. A place to learn and understand more about nutrition and health.

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