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Can a Human Survive Eating Only Meat: The Maasai and Inuit

Something which bothers me endlessly is the arguments about humans being herbivores sprouted out of the vegan and food religious groups. We can barely subsist on vegetables and there are much of their nutrients that are just unavailable to us due to anti-nutrients and long digestion times being necessary. Can a human survive eating only […]
Josh Koop
June 6, 2020

Something which bothers me endlessly is the arguments about humans being herbivores sprouted out of the vegan and food religious groups. We can barely subsist on vegetables and there are much of their nutrients that are just unavailable to us due to anti-nutrients and long digestion times being necessary.

Can a human survive eating only meat? Yes, there have been many historical tribes of humans who subsisted on a meat-only diet that showed no signs of ill health until the introduction of the western diet foods. Once introduced many issues in health began, we are a primarily carnivorous species who thrive because we can use less optimal foods.

What's more interesting is there are no humans on this planet who have survived a plant-only diet approach, we are carnivores by nature, omnivores by necessity, vegans by ideology. We as a species thrived until only recently with the mass diet changes which have been pressured on us by nutritional ideologues.

What Happens if you Just Eat Meat?

If you ask anyone from this recent time including doctors, nutritionists, or dietitians you will be told of the hazards of not eating your fiber, fruits, and vegetables.

Unfortunately they just haven't dug into the science that exists and are stuck on societal norms instead of from data.

We became overly dependent on carbohydrates and sugars to feed our hunger as they were cheap and easy to develop and sell.

This led to to belief in a "balanced" diet being mostly carbohydrate, what they don't mention is the drastic health issues which started at about this same relative time.

We don't use carbohydrates well and to a certain extent they are poison to us and our bodies will stop everything they are doing to process sugar out of the blood and systems to keep a tight control on body blood sugar levels.

Switching to eating meat only stops this blood sugar roller coaster and helps you build back and heal from the damage a lifetime of real poor eating has done to you.

Will it resolve all your issues, we can't tell yet but there are many studies being started and in progress to vet out the results.

Aboriginal native eskimo people in a group waiting to welcome visitors to Nanortalik, Greenland - Can a Human Survive Eating Only Meat

What Do You Call Someone Who Eats Only Meat?

The actual term is carnivore, but over time just as with vegans carnivore tribes have become a societal norm and maybe even just as much a dogmatic issue.

You have the "raw" carnivores who say that you need to eat everything raw to survive, then the multiple other people who have tried to brand their version as "specialized" like "the lion diet".

Instead you are a carnivore as an eater you focus on what you should be eating, good meats which can help you become more healthy and strong. As you grow and become more physically fit you look to add in the things you enjoy slowly and with measure.

Actual References to Meat Only Societies

There are a lots of groups in history which have been meat-centric or mostly carnivore, though they always get skipped over by much of the world. This is due in large part because they don't fit the narrative that is being pushed in today's world about meat bad, veg good.

The Inuit: Thrive on Blubber and Meat

For a large part of their history, at least until very recent times, the Inuit survived on what they caught alone as the lands weren't suitable for growing crops the same way as much of the rest of the world.

Instead they survived on meat alone for a majority of all their calories, but meat is bad the world says, well honestly it appears without human bias to shift the focus that humans have survived like the Inuit on mostly meat.

Well Then, Are Inuit Healthy?

Well the good and bad of this are in discussion, see they have become like most other western cultures and eating much more grains and imported foods which should make them "healthier".

By most metrics they are doing worse and worse, almost like this change to their diet has been catastrophic to their overall well-being. Quite possibly this is the same story for the US and other Western based diet culture approaches.

The Inuit Paradox

It used to be called the "french" paradox but over time they have moved this phrasing over to the Inuit, it is basically the large consumption of fats, and saturated fats in particular, but their heart attack numbers don't balloon up like western society.

There is one way to take this, the way they all lean now which is that they obviously have "good genes" or "adapted" genes that help them limit their issues from the consumption.

Little to no one appears to look at them and think about the fact that they eat almost zero vegetation and fruit, they don't eat carbohydrate except what is contained within the meat they eat.

The Maasai: Hunters Supreme

The Maasai are in Kenya and are almost polar opposites of landscape to the Inuit but they have one specific thing in common, they subsist on mainly meat and blood from their catches.

In the desert they grow taller and stronger than almost all in our western culture without any of the benefits we have. This goes contrary to popular belief again showing that humans survived and became what we are through our hunting abilities, not through dirt digging.

Final Thoughts on Can a Human Survive Eating Only Meat

I will be the first to tell you that we have no hard science on the overall consumption of meat only diets, but looking at history and anecdotal data shows that this way leads to incredible health levels with none of the side effects.

Many people who switch to carnivore have near effortless weight loss without having to micromanage their foods and weighing everything, this is ground breaking and should be something which we look at as humans.

Unfortunately there is many people who will lose out hardcore if this should become a real thing as it can't be profitable like carbohydrates can, meat doesn't have the shelf life and the ease to make and sell.

Choose based on your wants for health, I also really mean it when you need to keep researching and learning. If you start to have any issues you should always consult your doctor and be open and honest about everything, hiding things is dangerous for YOU not THEM.

I personally love this and will never change as I continue to lose weight and the body fat that I have been unable to shed my entire life, even through extreme workouts and a near starvation diet couldn't budge the needle, I fully believe in this and plan to continue forever.

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