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Choosing a Carnivore Diet for Dogs: All you Need to Know

For centuries in the wild, dogs consumed a carnivore diet. It was until humans started to adopt dogs that they began to eat plants as a regular part of their diet. Even in modern times, wolves consume primarily meat to keep themselves alive. So, do you want to learn more about the carnivore diet for […]
Josh Koop
April 7, 2020

For centuries in the wild, dogs consumed a carnivore diet. It was until humans started to adopt dogs that they began to eat plants as a regular part of their diet. Even in modern times, wolves consume primarily meat to keep themselves alive.

So, do you want to learn more about the carnivore diet for dogs? They can eat raw fish, beef, chicken, and the meat of almost any other animal. Dogs can also consume milk, eggs, and other products produced directly from animals. Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t need to stick to kibble.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn:

  • What can you feed a dog on a carnivore diet?
  • What are the diet’s benefits?
  • Are there any risks?

What to Feed a Dog on a Carnivore Diet

You can create all sorts of fancy meals for your dog, but they’re also going to get fantastic nutrition from raw meat. Many dogs will consume raw beef, chicken, pork, and other animal meat right out of the package. In the wild, they eat these animals after chasing them through a hunt.

Unlike humans, dogs have evolved to be able to digest raw meat in all forms. Whether it’s a fish from the river or elk after a long hunt, they don’t need to cook their food.

If you’re trying to find out what you can feed your dog to keep their carnivorous diet filled with variety, then you’re in luck.

Here’s a list of suggestions to try out:

  • Raw fish is an excellent choice that most dogs will devour. It’s full of healthy fats that will keep your dog energized and nourished throughout the day. Remember that too much fish can cause mercury concerns, but dogs have a much higher threshold than humans do.
  • Seasoned beef is another common option that you could feed to your dog. They love to eat seasoned beef because it’s easy for them to chew, and it comes with wonderful spices that they’ve never been able to try out. It’s also great for promoting healthy digestion in dogs.
  • Pressured cooked chicken is also worth trying. Dogs love chicken, so it’s even better when you serve it up hot and seasoned. You can use basic seasonings, but make sure you don’t put too much salt. There’s enough sodium in chicken naturally, so adding more salt will be bad for your dog’s health.
  • Egg yolks are known for being healthy for a dog’s coat. It makes their fur shiny, lively, and less fragile. You can give your dog an egg yolk once a week or so, but remember that not all dogs are fond of the taste. Give it a try and see if they like it. If they do, you can make it a regular part of their diet.
  • Milk is another debated food for dogs on a carnivore diet. It tastes delicious, they consume it in the wild, and it’s packed with protein. However, the debate isn’t over the nutritional value; It’s about whether or not the dog is lactose intolerant. If yours isn’t then feel free to give them milk every now and then.

Benefits of a Carnivore Diet for Dogs

Recent studies have shown countless examples of why dogs can and should consume raw meat. Not only is most kibble reduced down enough to remove pure nutrition, but raw meat is also loaded with everything a dog needs to thrive.

If you’re interested in the carnivore diet for your diet, it’s time to learn all of the amazing benefits that your dog will experience. Here are the five most notable reasons that you should review:

  1. Dogs have teeth and digestive systems that are designed to consume meat. Their teeth are sharp to rip through meat, not vegetables, bread, or kibble. Also, their digestive tracts are not ready to handle carbohydrates, which could cause all sorts of problems. A carnivore diet promotes healthy digestion.
  2. The protein found in meat is more than enough to provide strong muscle growth. Unfortunately, almost all brands of kibble don’t have enough protein to give a dog what they need, nor to plants. Even if you combine different vegetables to increase their protein intake, they need complex protein, just not plant-based diets.
  3. Dogs have different nutritional needs than humans, and they gain pretty much everything they need from meat, eggs, and milk. They require loads of protein, along with iron and certain vitamins. Mixing a flavorful diet with all of the meals above will provide them with energy, healthy muscle growth, and longer life.
  4. It’s no secret that hair is made out of protein, which is why a meat-based diet is so good for your dog’s coat. You’ll notice a higher natural shine, less shedding, less itching, and a fuller appearance. It’s also been shown that dogs who have enough protein will have softer fur.
  5. Dogs don’t need too much sugar since they don’t consume it in the wild. In fact, it can cause a number of digestion issues. Sadly, kibble and diets heavy in fruit are both too much for them to handle. Luckily, a carnivorous diet provides them with enough sugar to maintain a healthy lifestyle without going overboard.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that you should consider switching your dog over to a carnivore diet.

Whether you want them to live longer and you’re starting them out as a puppy or you simply want them to look and feel more energized, every dog can benefit from the change.

Portrait of black staffordshire bull terrier - Carnivore Diet for Dogs
Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Super healthy and Strong

Are There Any Risks?

If you’re still worried about whether or not your dog might be harmed from such a drastic diet change, then you could start off slowly. Most dogs would love to have new food, especially since it tastes so much better than traditional dog food.

There aren’t very many risks of a carnivore diet for dogs since they’re naturally supposed to eat that way. Instead of causing heart problems as many people assume, it’s actually very healthy for them. It strengthens their muscles, including their hearts, to provide a better lifestyle.

On the contrary, there are several risks involved if you’re still feeding kibble to your dog. It’s also very unhealthy for a dog to eat a vegetarian diet since they’re not supposed to consume it in their natural state.

If you stick with kibble or vegetarian diets, your dog could and likely will inevitably experience digestive problems, muscle depletion, memory loss in old age, and more.

If it is too nerve wracking to manage raw foods I suggest choosing KetoNatural Pet Food since they are a high quality kibble in chicken and salmon.

It’s safe to say that the risks aren’t about carnivore diets for dogs, but rather waiting too long to make the switch. As mentioned in a previous section, dogs can’t consume too many carbohydrates. Their digestive system doesn’t break them down nearly as efficiently as it does for meat.

Final Thoughts

Dogs evolved into meat-eaters many years ago. It wasn’t until we started to feed them low-quality, inexpensive kibble that they stopped.

It’s not too late to make the switch and feed your dog the food that they’re naturally supposed to eat.

Start by adding one of the meal suggestions to their daily diets, then increase the courses over a month or so.

Here’s a quick recap of what you should’ve learned from the post:

  • Dogs can eat fish, beef, elk, chicken, and other meat.
  • They can also enjoy eggs and cheese.
  • Kibble lacks nutritional value for dogs.
  • Vegetarian diets can be potentially dangerous because they don’t have everything a dog needs.
  • There are more risks in a non-carnivore diet than a carnivore diet for dogs.

If you read this far you are amazing! I would love to hear from you in the comments below if I helped you gain knowledge and useful information, additionally I would like to know if I got anything incorrect that you believe should be researched more and updated. As always to get the word out please join our new Carnivore Rx group on Facebook and share this out on social media!


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